Wednesday, September 24, 2008

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ok, I'm back to where I began. I'll keep on writing because it is good. I like reading. I love the words, so here I am again, writing. I hope someone anytime reads it...
well, that's it, a woman freaked out in front of my building this morning... it started with me listening to some screams... I have this open soul, this good ear, this eyes that see things... so I listened to her... she was screaming... and my husband said, turn on the music, ignore it, and I just can't ignore the human being... I looked at the window, I didn't find her... where was she? well, I look again, through the top f the trees - I live high - she was there laying, actually, leaning back at a police car, with a oxigened hair with dark roots, fat, she was fat, maybe sexy fat, but I don't know that part... a policeman was trying to contact someone on a mobile, she was saying something to him... she tries to stand and yellow skinnies biscuits fall like a pop waterfall from the white plastic bag that she carries... she's fat and sad, she's crasy, she's gone crasy... when a cat go up in a tree, we call the fireman, when a woman goes crasy like that, what should we do? People were watching... did she wanted to be seen like this? All she need is love, but I felt bad, I don't know, I don't love her... I could love her, if I talked to her, I don't know... I've seen a woman killing herself almost one month ago. I have this open soul, I see things, I hear things, I was an emergency nurse in another life, well I love that woman, that french woman, I do love her, only because she fell with ear rings, because she put water in her beautiful flowers before jumping... she just wanted that, she wanted that more than anything she gave a big impulse and jumped, and maybe she was happy, along that falling, for the first time in her life. oh Gosh... I love life, even feeling I could be one day that fat blond woman, or that fancy romantic one... I love life, I wish it had no end.

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